Attempting my first SOTA (Summits on the Air) activation tomorrow atop Shovel Mountain (W5T/NT-033) which I previously visited to test out my Elk Log Periodic antenna on VHF. Only this time, I’m bringing my Kenwood TS-480SAT, 100 watts & a HyEndFed 4 band end fed antenna! I’ll be primarily operating on 20 & 40 meters, and in the General phone segment portion (US). I hope to start calling CQ anywhere from 1500-1600 UTC, and if I have access to internet up there (doubtful, it was spotty last time I visited), i’ll post an update here.

I’m hoping to register the activation on SOTAwatch, but alas having trouble accessing my account there so I’ve emailed the admin staff! I’ve posted to the SOTA facebook group though for now. Looking forward to some fresh air & sunshine tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be great!


Hope to make a two way contact with some of you on the air! (at least 4 anyways to make it official!)




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