I’ve tried more little communication speakers over the years than I can count! I’m sure you have too, but I think I just found a gem of a comms speaker! A friend of mine, Jon-N5CFB, asked if I’d be interested in trying one of these small PA type speakers made by Motorola, knowing their quality I jumped on it!

It’s a Motorola HSN4032A – with a whopping 12 watts (8 ohms)! The Midland speaker I’d been using was 6 watts and suffered from a very narrow frequency range, this speaker however, is loud and super clear! It was as if the dynamic range on the audio almost doubled compared to either the built in speaker or the Midland. I think these may have been used for Fire Trucks or Police Cars. I’m surprised that the TM-V71A was able to drive it! It’s louder than the comms speakers we used with SINCGARS radios in the military!

Thanks Jon, my TM-V71A just got a major upgrade! Motorola equipment is so nice, I see why public service use them! I’m using the TM-V71A mobile again, I like swapping my radios out every 6 mo. or so, allows me to operate a bit differently! I had to solder a 3.5mm plug onto the end of the wire which had some square 2 pin adapter. Initially when I plugged it into my cell phone, it couldn’t drive it, but the TM-V71A made a huge difference in the output. The only info I could find on the TMV71A was that its “Audio Output Power was more than 2 watts” per the Kenwood website.



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