I’ve been meaning to do this project for years…. I’ve had this annoying rattling coming from the factory plastic inside the door panels on my 2013 Tacoma – which I should have removed the first go around. When I went to remove the door panel, I discovered that somehow, (possibly through a hard kick of the door panel – who knows), that one of the Infinity component speakers I had put in there was damaged from the existing grill covers (I’ve got some modifications to do). The speakers would cut out at high levels which I suspected was more due to their power handling. I’m surprised they performed as well as they did for having a damaged seal around the speaker woofer!

So it’s time to replace the speakers! I figured I’ve been using a 6 1/2″ component speaker system for awhile, that I didn’t particularly care too much for, so I’m making the iffy move to 6×9’s. I know, I know, 6×9’s? I needed something that better matched up with the bass from the sub in the rear – there was just too much lack thereof in the front speaker space. I decided on the JBL Club 9630’s which I think are quite budget friendly @ roughly $88 a pair. They were actually recommend by a Crutchfield rep, but when I went to price check, holy cow Crutchfield, I know your equipment comes with great service, but at 40% more? Hard to compete with Amazon I know, I’d rather pay a tad more and get the great service, but not get stiffed in the process, lol.

I figured while I was in there, I would try sound deadening the door panels with some deadening material. Generally, the idea is to decrease road noise, and create a better ‘space’ for the speaker to do its ‘thing’, so I sealed on the inside of the door cavity, in addition to the outer shell. Now when I close the doors, it’s like closing the door on a high end vehicle. Tight & solid. I’m hoping that this also helps me hear the small communication speaker that I have connected to my VHF/UHF radio – sometimes I find it difficult to hear even with the volume turned up!

I must say, I’m quite impressed with them so far. I was afraid that by moving the tweeter down towards my calves, I’d lose alot of the highs. When I told the rep that I was using an Alpine Power Pack amp, this recommendation popped up. They fill the air with so much more dynamic range now, and a bit of bass to boot! The Power Pack drives these speakers nicely – as they’re suited for a wider range of sensitivity. The sound is so filling coming from the 6×9’s that I can barely tell the difference in the shift in highs, but I can really tell I was missing out on the mids with the 6 1/2’s. Since these are the only speakers in the truck minus the sub, I needed to balance out the bass in the rear of the cab, & these speakers do it nicely in a pickup! The sound deadening helped quite a bit in producing better sound all around. As far as road noise? Maybe a smidge.. not enough to really notice though, for that I’d probably need to do the whole cab.


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