Do you run a Linux or a Mac machine? Check out this cool new software written by WG1V that adds a real-time map to WSJT-X on your computer! Pretty sweet – this basically maps all of the incoming calls that are heard to a map that is linked to your WSJT-X ops.

When you run JT9 and JT65 using WSJT-X, have you ever wondered where in the world all those stations you are hearing are? Carl, WG1V certainly has, which is why he wrote a little R program to map them all in real-time. That tool is called JT-Mapper, and if you’re running WSJT-X on a Mac or…

via Announcing JT-Mapper: Real-time JT65 and JT9 Maps — Mac Ham Radio

Digi modes seem to be quite popular right now with this point in the solar cycle – it’s definitely easier to get DX with digi modes! So get your ‘digi’ on!



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