Well, i’ve spent the better part of the last few hours tracking down why my 590SG wouldn’t turn on….

Found some fried SMD components near connector CN4 on the board nearest the power supply. I definitely think this is power related, almost appears to be something that was happening over time & not a one time incident. The rig was also connected to my SMPS Alinco.

This also happened after I installed the remote antenna tuner setup….

Not connecting any dots just yet, just trying to figure out what went awry, i’ll most likely have to send it to a repair shop. AVVID out of Dallas, TX came highly recommended. Luckily I have my 480SAT as a backup, i’ll just have to yank it out the truck for a bit!

(Edit – AVVID didn’t want it. Hmm wonder if I’m out a $1200 radio :(….. CN4 connects to the Control head – and they said it appears to have suffered a power surge…)

Hope nothing too serious – I didn’t take the actual boards out to see if there was damage sandwiched in between.

Ugh… my poor baby…



  1. I strongly recommend that you get in touch with Bill, N4ATS (http://www.n4ats.com/). If possible, give him a call. He’s a great guy and is a VERY competent technician. Check out his ratings on eHam. I have no financial relationship with Bill, but when I worked at AES in Orlando he was the person we relied upon for repairs. He is excellent to work with and is very reasonable. He might even be able to troubleshoot your rig over the phone and give you some hints.

    I hope this helps.



      1. The fastest way is to call Bill on his Cellphone (“Contacts” on his website). If he doesn’t answer, leave a detailed message. He WILL call you back. Also, let him know yo emailed him. That’s the quickest way to get him. He’s an RF Engineer at Lockheed Martin and is generally at work during the day. He’s a great guy and trust me, if he can’t fix your TS-590SG, no one can. 🙂


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