My trusty dusty SDRPlay just received a long overdue upgrade! RTL-SDR blog & KD2KOG teamed up and started providing these cases a couple months ago. They’re even for sale on Amazon now with Prime shipping! Only $39.95, not a bad deal considering it’s 15 bucks alone for the FM stop filter.


Hey… at least it’s not wrapped in aluminum foil… yes i’ve seriously seen that – to each his own though! 😛 This will provide better RF shielding, a more rugged case, and even a travel case to boot! The SDRPlay is my primary grab & go SDR!

I’ve got an upcoming review on the SDRPlay (12-bit ADC) vs the Elad FDM S2 (16-bit ADC) – I think the results will surprise you! Stay tuned.




  1. Please publish a comparison of before and after to show if you get a noticeable reduction in interference. Thanks – W2DLC


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