Happy belated Easter everyone! Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Took a short drive out to the family casa this weekend to spend some much needed time with everyone! Enjoyed some good ole’ Texas BBQ & was able to sneak in about 30 minutes of operating time with the loop without being too anti-social at a family gathering LOL.

I’m still amazed every time I use this thing… signals just sound so loud & clear for being an antenna that sits on a tripod! Have I mentioned that it’s a cinch to setup? If you’ve done portable any… you know that setup time is critical – i’ve spent upwards of an hour trying to get an antenna in the air before – so I think the loop is certainly spoiling me!

I’ve yet to practice using the directionality of the loop though. I always forget to try turning it to try & make the signal come up in strength a bit, so i’ll try demonstrating that on the next video.





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