A few of my followers asked what it would be like to pair an SDR up with a small transmitting loop (STL) like the W4OP, so figured it was time I do a video! Actually….I’ve been wanting to try this experiment for awhile now! Before I considered getting the W4OP loop, I considered purchasing an active loop for receive due to the difficulty in getting a dipole for 30 meters and lower at the proper height, but with this loop I still have the ability to transmit and have the advantages that a loop provides.

I have received so many questions on this antenna! Please keep them coming – I’m doing a complete write up on this antenna – but I need more time operating with it to really give it a fair review. I’m hoping I can find someone locally that might have another mag loop that I can compare it to side by side – would make for an interesting video. My three most asked questions are 1. How does it compare to the Chameleon that you used to own? & 2. Do I recommend this antenna for a first time ham on the HF bands? & 3. How does the loop compare to the end feds you’ve used? We’ll talk more about these points in an upcoming post, so please stay tuned!



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