It has arrived! 36 days from order to doorstep all the way from India – thanks to HF Signals – by Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE. Yup, I’ve done it, hopped on the BITX40 bandwagon. If the circuit board wasn’t built on this thing, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it, lol. This makes it a bit easier of a kit to assemble!

“The BITX40 board is a two board, 40 meter SSB transceiver module kit with digital control!” -(

I must say the main board is quite beautiful & soldered very nicely! Now to find a case for it – I was originally considering Legos to give it a ‘fun & colorful’ factor, but I think Legos would be a bit too thick on the walls – maybe a die cast aluminum closure from Fry’s or Amazon – i’ll have to join in on the discussion over in the BitX40 Facebook group now to see what has worked well for other operators!

Really excited to get the transceiver put together – but going to take my time to make sure its done right! If it’s a good performer – which I’ve heard it will be – It’ll become a regular in my go-kit for QRP outings! It’s no Elecraft KX3 – but for $59? You can’t beat that…. Plus I need some major practice in assembling kits like this, so I can eventually tackle more complicated projects, The only way i’ll ever get better is to start soldering!

HFSigs currently has the uBITX in development – which covers all of the HF amateur bands! Really excited about that one… here’s an article over on Hackaday about the radio! Patiently waiting for the uBITX to go into production!

The BITX radios are about as hackable as your imagination allows! I’ve already seen them modified for other bands, tweaked for more power w/ 24volts, DSP added, etc. – there’s certainly a dedicated & devoted crowd to this radio, which is what really steered me towards it, knowing that if I have any issues or problems assembling it, I know where to reach out to!

Happy soldering 🙂



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