My weekend tinker project…

I felt brave enough to mess with a Windows machine that my mom handed to me weeks ago and said “here take this thing! – it keeps giving me the infamous Blue Screen of Death!” As soon as I saw what machine it was I jumped on it! I couldn’t believe she had such a machine – the MSRP on these things when they came out were outrageous! This machine as built probably retailed for around $5,000USD when it debuted in 2012 – I told her this was too much machine for someone who does ‘occasional internet’ searching 😛

HP Z1 Workstation – Intel Xeon 3.3 GHz

Fired it up as soon as I brought it home & gave it a good cleaning. I love how easily accessible the innards are on this computer. HP could have went a bit further with the cooling though – this thing gets hot! I imagine she was experiencing the same issues I typically had with my older iMacs – they lack sufficient cooling when under heavy use – solution – put it in a cooler room or increase the airflow around the PC – not much internal cooling you can add on an all-in-one PC.


The OS was completely corrupted too – typical Windows 7 registry issues which i’ve fought with before on many of my Windows machines – so I’m throwing Windows 10 on this one… I know.. holding my breath..! No.. i’ve honestly had pretty good luck with Windows 10 as of late – it’s come a long way & the security enhancements are so much better than Windows 7, I’m considering updating the one last machine I have.

So i’m throwing an SSD drive and some more RAM in the machine – and it’ll be like a car that just had a fresh tune up – ready to rock again for thousands of more miles! As much of a techie that I am – i’ll never bring myself to buy another brand new machine – by the time a processor is introduced, there’s already one in the works to replace it. Moore’s Law at it’s finest 🙂




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