Attention all chasers! Myself (K5ACL), and Sam (K5JM), & Jon (N5CFB) are heading to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area on April 8, 2017 to activate the park for the annual Texas State Parks on the Air event.

We’ll be operating both HF & VHF/UHF from somewhere on top of the rock – too bad it isn’t a SOTA summit though at over 1,800ft it should be… Shovel Mountain which I just climbed was only 1,539ft.

So if you’re in Central Texas, please try to work us on VHF/UHF 146.520/446.000. As for HF, propagation will dictate what bands we work on, but me thinks since we’ll be ready to operate around 9:30-10am local, probably 20 & 40m mostly – but we’ll have transmit capability on all bands! We’ll be using as large of an antenna as we can deploy and that will be dictated by how much territory we can stake out up on the rock. It can get quite busy during this time of year.

Visit to Enchanted Rock in 2013

This is my second visit to the rock. Quite a site to see, and an easy climb up to the top. There’s a trail that surrounds the entire site that’s a backup in case we can’t operate up top. I’ll be able to finally put the new LiFePO4 battery to the test in a 100 watt scenario.
Looking forward to spending the day with two great friends, soaking up the wonderful Texas Hill Country & making some contacts on the radio! 

For more information on Texas State Parks on the Air visit – 




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