Just had to take advantage of the new Spiderpole that came in recently (the telescopic pole I use for antennas). I use a GoPro Session 5 which is probably the smallest camera i’ve ever used. I thought – why not put the camera at the top of the pole to see what kind of views we can get? Spiderbeam actually sells a mount that goes over like a cap on the end of the pole (which i’d imagine would be better for a heavier camera/camcorder of some type).

The Hero Session 5 is so small & so lightweight – I was certain this old bike handlebar mount would work on the pole – sure enough, after an application of some vinyl electrical type to the pole, the mount was rock solid. Now if I was trying to mount a DSLR or a handheld camera of some type – you’d better believe i’d be using the Spiderbeam mount made for the pole!


Cool thing is I can actually stream video from the Session 5 to my phone while its on the pole, though any higher I imagine i’d start losing connectivity – though the WiFi remote on the Session will work upto 600 feet away depending on what kind of device your using to connect to it.

First test was @ Jacob’s Well in Hays County. The weather was absolutely beautiful this past weekend here in Central Texas – if you don’t take advantage of this weather – it’ll be scorching hot before you know it! It’s only a short 40 minute drive from Austin, so if you’ve never been – make sure to visit this gem. Development around the area has sky rocketed though – which is why Hays County purchased 50 acres surrounding the site to protect it. It’s a shame the water wasn’t flowing more – it used to gush out of the ground nearly 6 feet in height way back before our insatiable demand for water began!





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