I usually don’t have the chance to partake in tropo events, but tonight was my lucky night! Just so happened we were holding our Thursday night net with the N5OAK Amateur Radio Club, and afterwards the VHF Tropo Maps started lighting up like crazy! So a bunch of us hopped over to 146.520 tonight, and sure enough, I start hearing stations all the way from Louisiana to the southern tip of Texas! The map only continued to get more intense as the night rolled on.


Only problem during these events is there’s so many stations that popped on during this event, it was hard to hear who was replying to who! I’ve never heard so many people on the National Simplex frequency at once! It was crazy tonight!


I was able to snag 3 QSO’s, with my furthest contact being W3OQ in Brownsville, TX, at almost 300 miles away! Wow! That’s another new record, i’m just on a roll lately! And here I was complaining about HF band conditions lately. Go figure! Everyone was very cordial on .52 and allowed for as many folks to snag as many QSO’s as they could! Very cool. Not too shabby for the antenna I use for FM! Rig used was the TMV71A @ 50 watts. Antenna – Tram 1480. I’ll have to try and hop on more often when I see these events occur!

Big thanks to K5RZQ, W3OQ & KA5LYL for working me!

**Update (about 10 hours later)… the tropo event is still going on!





  1. Have you tried 2m SSB? You will improve the range with a narrow mode signal. I notice from reading other NA blogs 2m 144.1 or 144.2
    SSB weak signal is not as popular in the North America as it is in Australia? Good write up thanks for sharing.

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    1. Not yet Andrew! I can only monitor 2m SSB with my SDR’s. I’m hoping to catch a deal one day on a SSB rig! But you’re right, there’s only a handful of guys that I know of locally that have 2m SSB. One day!


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