As of late, I’ve been tinkering more with antennas that are easy to deploy, and ones that I might be able to experiment with easier when I eventually take my HF antennas down @ home. A few days ago, I setup a 40 meter wire for this LNR Precision End Fed antenna (the ’10-20-40 MKII’ they call it) I had laying around not being used. I made a 30 meter wire today and figured I could test it with the WSPRlite since it already does 20 & 30 meters (still need to build a low pass filter kit for it!)

I threw it up in the most haphazardly way possible, dangling in my backyard, with the first 10 feet of the antenna underneath my back porch to provide cover for the WSPRlite & battery. I really wasn’t expecting much with 200mW and the way I had it setup, with 12 feet of RG8X just coiled up on my concrete back porch. On days like this though… I’m reminded that the ionosphere occasionally cooperates, and some amazing things are possible!


Set a new record today for distance being heard & power level used. 16,648 kilometers on 200mW! That’s 51,724 miles per watt! Holy smokes! K1JT (Joe Taylor) has really made an amazing software! I need to dial the power down even further to see what else is possible. Thanks to VK6XT too for spotting me!

N9SSA’s ‘Miles Per Watt Calculator’ (


I know end feds aren’t the most efficient antennas, but this sparked my interest in longwires again. I have a few toroids on order now! Can’t wait to see what I can come up with for an end fed! Though the LNR end fed doesn’t have a spot for a counterpoise, I’ve been looking for something like the below, possibly homebrewed, maybe a washer of some sort, to be able to connect a counterpoise wire to the shield of the coax:


I’m not sure if the above would work, but it’s worth a shot. My Chameleon end fed had a spot for a counterpoise wire on it, and I worked some real DX with that antenna. I think the major advantage with a counterpoise terminal is the ability to use the length of coax that you need to get connected to your shack, as opposed to using a specific length of coax for a counterpoise, plus you can install a ‘field’ of counterpoise as opposed to a single coax line.

73 & Happy ‘WSPRing’!



  1. Congratulations on the long haul contact. I recently moved to the Dallas area and live in a restricted complex so no more 45 foot tower and I think WSPR may be a great addition to my digital stealth mode of operation.

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    1. Hi Pete & welcome to Texas! WSPR has usually yielded DX for me, even with my mediocre antennas! It’s a fun tool to use, & its popularity has grown immensely as of late! Hope to spot you! 73


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