I just wanted to share this excellent service, called Slack, which is an online messaging platform that works across multiple platforms & devices seamlessly! Our club was looking for a better way to keep in touch, and what better way than real-time!


Lets face it… we can’t always be on the repeater, or monitoring (lurking as some call it) to see what’s going on, but we do like to keep in touch and abreast of what’s going on in the club, so our VP, KG5CDP, Brandon, decided to introduce Slack to the club, and boy am I glad he did! Sure, there’s Facebook, Twitter, and all other kinds of social platforms, but we wanted one specifically for our club, and that’s what we got with Slack! We’re able to invite members by their email address & they join in on the conversation…

In our Slack account we have several channels within, some devoted to propagation alerts, signing up for the Thursday night net we hold every Thursday @ 8pm, and even a channel devoted to our new DMR repeater that’s up and coming. It’s nice to be able to periodically check in throughout the day and see what folks are upto. Homebrew projects are a regular occurrence within the group, and it’s so cool to see what folks are building! Slack is absolutely free. Microsoft is even trying to compete with their setup because it worked so well. Seamless integration across everything is what drove us to it.

A preview of the N5OAK Slack Room


It’s a great way for clubs/groups to keep in touch. If you’ve been out for awhile, Slack will archive upto 10,000 messages (I think) for you to go back and catch up on anything. Communication within a club is key to its success IMHO, plus I’ve had lots of fun with Slack, almost more so than any other social platform!

Just a fun recommendation for your club!

Happy Friday 🙂




  1. Hi K5ACL,
    thanks for the great idea. I have also connected the DL2NBY contest calendar event announcement as an integration to one of the Slack channels. Have not yet seen that in action, but it looks promising.
    Also, there is a hambot for Slack on github which allows you to lookup U.S. callsign data. I have modified the code to work with our countries database. Works like charm!
    73 de LY2EN

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