Yesterday I decided to do some ‘springtime’ maintenance on my Hustler antenna by resealing the coax, tightening all the connections & checking/adjusting with an antenna analyzer. I figured after all that work, I’m going to leave this thing up for a bit! So I took a bit more care this time, and added another guy to the antenna, bringing the count to 4. So glad I did because the antenna doesn’t move an inch now, with 3 guys, it had just a few inches of play at the very top.

Now keep in mind, I modded this antenna by adding a 1/4 wave wire for 12 & 17 meters to the sides of the antenna supported by PVC pipe & some rope. Here’s a shot after I reinstalled all of the guys:


Hopped on over to the WSPR frequencies yesterday with the Kenwood 590SG, and immediately started to receive spots from Europe on 40 meters. What’s even cooler, is waking up the next morning to find spots from Australia & Japan in the log! They usually start rolling in around 4-6am in the morning from the Pacific side, which tells me that if I want to make some phone contacts that way, I’m going to have to alter my operating times a bit!

I was super shocked today to find out that I had received a spot from Reunion Island on 17 meters! Whoa! From FR5ZX! This set a new record for furthest station heard on WSPR. At a total distance of 17,156 kilometers! It appears from Andre’s QRZ page he uses Moxon rectangles. What a treat! Thanks for beaming this way Andre!


I think I may just do some radio operating this weekend! What a great start to my mini vacation! lol

Hope to hear you on the air!



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  1. Very nice to see the mini tuneup on the antenna did the trick! Nice work on WSPR considering all the news of the solar cycle in the down swing the results really don’t reflect that.


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