For Winter Field Day, i’m going to run the WSPRlite (WSPR beacon) as N5OAK using my mobile HF antenna (Wolf River Coil & Stinger), so I thought i’d test it out today and try to find the sweet spot for the WSPR Frequencies.

When I’m parked on a frequency for awhile as with WSPR, I’ll use the AA-30 analyzer to adjust resonance which provides real time updates as I’m adjusting the antenna. I feel like I’m rusty everytime I go through this process, I see why hams eventually opt for a screwdriver antenna or similar.But with a composite bed on the Tacoma, I’m still back to the drawing board.


The antenna does well on the higher bands, but forget the lower, I have some work to do there. Mobile HF has been tough since I completed the install, and with the solar cycle where its at, I need more efficiency on those bands.




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