Well, you certainly won’t feel it in Texas anyways… Winter that is. 😛 I was wearing shorts & sandals about a week ago, the weather here is so up and down, I do miss having seasons as I’ve experienced elsewhere! Winter Field Day is just around the corner, and our club, the N5OAK is hard at work preparing for a really exciting day of operating, if you or anyone you know might be interested in getting on the air and are in the Central Texas area (Luling to be exact), then let me know and i’ll be happy to provide details on the event. I think they’re even trying to setup a “GOTA” (Get on the Air station) for folks that are new to HF.

Here’s a rough draft of our layout for WFD (Courtesy Photo: K5URU):

Yellow = Antennas


So far there’s at least 8 HF stations that I know of that will be there (some with VHF/UHF capability), there’s also a planned satellite station that I’m looking forward to learning how to operate (if we can get through to the bird on a contest day!).

There’s plenty of space to go around from the above aerial, so it will be fun to experiment! I may just end up taking my sleeping bag and crashing in the back of my pickup truck to get some shuteye on Saturday night (hardcore eh?). During the last ARRL field day, I attempted to stay up throughout the whole thing & operate, but I bet we’ll have a bit bigger crowd this time & I’ll be able to catch some Z’s while other folks operate! We will also take advantage of setting up the equipment prior to the contest starting @ 1900UTC on Saturday. We have everything from DMR simplex, Broadband Hamnet, Satellite Ops, SDR, and lots and lots of radios! It will be interesting to see the coordination between us operators @ the field site to ensure we all operate on different bands!

This will be my Kenwood TS-480SAT’s first real-world test in a contest environment, I’ve only ever used it for casual operating up until now. I’ve still yet to tap the IF out in it, I need to crack the case and plug in the coax wire I got from mypanadapter.com. This way i’ll be able to use my SDRplay as a panadapter. I think having a panadapter out @ Field Day will be a huge advantage. Stay tuned for a wicked cool setup, pics to follow!

Thanks to N5OAK members for making this event possible, if there’s one thing ham radio needs more of, it’s field days! We’re having a club meeting tomorrow to discuss everything (and breakfast!) Nothing like discussing ham radio ops over a nice warm cup of coffee & some breakfast tacos!






  1. Thanks for your informative post. I didn’t know what winter field day was until my son let me know his Plano Texas club was having one and he would be operating there. I hope you have a successful day 73 KL1HB


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