Busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life over the past several weeks. Things never slow down during the holiday season. I love spending time with family and friends, but the hustle and bustle of the holidays just gets to me. It’s hard to squeeze out even just a few minutes of operating time! That’s when I switch over to operating WSPR on HF for awhile. Allows me to still get a piece of the ‘action’ while I patiently wait for the busyness to subside. Speaking of which, I hope all of you had a great holiday season with family/friends as well!


I’m still thrilled I was able to grab one of these WSPRlites before the holidays got here, SOTAbeams has a hot little product right now! Consistently sold out everytime he produces a batch! Low pass filters are now available through SB as well.

I have this 20,000mAh power pack w/ 3 USB ports, but I was having a problem with the power pack shutting off, presumably because the WSPRlite barely draws any current. So I saw another WSPRlite user use one of these USB power output meters, and as you can see the WSPRlite pulling around .10A on transmit (I’m not sure how accurate the meter is – I just wanted something to pull enough juice). But the power pack still shut off even with the meter, maybe there are other ones out there that pull a bit more juice. But I just threw my RTL.SDR on there, which pulled a bit more juice, and the power pack decided to stay on 🙂


Results from using 200mW on my 137′ OCF dipole:


Over the course of 24 hours, I’ll usually have quite a bit of DX on WSPR, but the past few days haven’t been so great, just a few hopped the pond:


A few WSPRlite users are already using small 1w/5w amplifiers on their device which is silly IMO. I really have learned to scale back the power on WSPR, and usually with phenomenal results. Remember, if band conditions are right, it doesn’t take very much to get your signal out, it’s during those moments that I see my signal hop the pond, that I want to get on and start calling CQ!



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