You know the articles where other radio operators mention that once you go to a spectrum display, you never wanna go back? Well, that’s pretty much true for me. Not only does panadapting give you a real time spectrum display, but a waterfall display which displays the history of the signal for the last 10-30 seconds (or however your settings are tweaked). This provides for a unique SWL experience, in that it allows you to identify signals easier.

The waterfall never ceases to amaze me, in that it’ll reflect a signal on the screen, that I probably wouldn’t have noticed just scrolling with the VFO searching for signals. Don’t get me wrong though, I still enjoy turning all of my computers/speakers/mixer/SDR/etc off, and listening with nothing but a good pair of headphones & scrolling with the VFO! The receiver in the 590SG is top notch!

Happy Holidays to All!



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