My first CQ WW SSB contest was this weekend, and boy, were the bands ever so open! I heard a station on every band from 10m-160m!  I wasn’t really competing for points, but rather casually operating and trying to give points to other stations! I was using my Vertical & my OCF, usually switching between the two, but it seemed I had more consistent performance from my OCF. I even snagged Hawaii on SSB for the first time:

Got a chance to exercise MacLoggerDX & the new SDRConsole v3 that Simon Brown recently released. Both software’s operated flawlessly throughout the contest, I was surprised I didn’t have any crashes from SDRConsole since I was using it so heavily and other functions on my laptop at the time. I’m working on getting my desktop computer repaired. It went dead AGAIN! I keep having an issue with the RAM sticks for some reason, took it to a different repair shop to have it diagnosed.

I didn’t snag a boatload, wasn’t keyed down that much, I probably contacted twice as many as I actually landed, just couldn’t get through the pile up, or they just weren’t hearing me. But I’m still happy with the results, my DXCC count increased by 4 this weekend 🙂 Nothin’ but 100 watts & a wire!

The CQ WW CW contest is this weekend if that’s your flavor! I’ll probably try to snag a few contacts on SSB as I’m sure there will still be lots of folks active this weekend. Hoping propagation is just as good if not better! Still after reading a few others reports, the number of contacts went down significantly this year as opposed to last (which I didn’t participate in), maybe due to the solar cycle? Still, I had loads of fun, always a joy to hear a distant station come back with your call!



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