I just did a quick search on the internet, and the cheapest I was able to find a Kenwood PG-5F extension cable kit was $64.95…. Which by the way would come with an extra power cord, I wouldn’t even need.

Wait, what? $65 dollars for some short lengths of cable and some ferrites & couplers? No thanks…

Luckily, Kenwood’s cables can be easily recreated, because they use the standard RJ-45 connector found on the ends of most CAT networking cables. STP (shielded twisted pair) is a bit harder to find than UTP (unshielded twisted pair) due to the cost of STP. The RJ-45 couplers were about a buck each, and I already had the snap on ferrites.

I tested it out on all power settings and got no reports of weird audio, or rf bleeding through onto my signal like some others have reported, and I have still yet to replace the mic cable with STP, rather than UTP. Maybe STP wasn’t even needed? I figured using shielded cables in any kind of RF situation is the way to go anyways. Hoping to shorten the lengths of CAT cable once I find someone with a RJ-45 networking tool. Check out the video here:


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  1. I did the same thing when I recently purchased a TM-D710G and it only came with one extension cable 20′ long, and nothing to connect the microphone to. I picked a length of UTP stranded cable and clamped a ferrite choke on both ends. No weird audio either. I’m currently looking to build both of them with STP for my TM-V71a so I can move the transmitter closer to my antenna, and still have the head at my desk.

    I think its atrocious that we can’t buy the head mount bracket and two extension cables without the extra power wire and nonsense… Nothing like a 600$ radio that you need to sink another 100$ into in cables and brackets…

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