Simon Brown just released a new version of SDRConsole v3 on 10/18/2016.

I’ve experimented with v2 occasionally, mainly due to the availability of the SDR remote server that it provides, hoping that functionality comes with v3 soon, the v2 remote console is very dated, and could use a resolution boost! Nevertheless, this is such an awesome software, free to boot, (though I encourage a donation to Simon via his webpage), and there’s great support should the need ever arise. I never limit myself to a single SDR software… That would be silly.

There are so many great options out there.. and so many i’m still looking forward to trying one day, i.e. PowerSDR, OpenHPSDR, SmartSDR, and a few others that are proprietary to certain brands of SDRs. I hope to eventually own a 100 watt SDR transceiver, so i’m taking the time now to learn everything I can about every platform available out there. After you’ve heard the transmit audio of some of these rigs, you’d be amazed. I’m especially blown away by guys that use Anan’s, they use something called adaptive predistortion (way too complicated for me to try & explain!). But then some really dirty up their signal by using a beautiful Anan with a dirty CB amplifier… no bueno. This is why i’ve been encouraged to go the 100w SDR transceiver route, because the QRP rig guys eventually always end up wanting some kind of amp, which in a lot of cases (some brands are quite pricey) can end up being more than a 100w setup to begin with.

I’m still learning the software, this was just a quick first impressions review, and I have to say i’ll keep my other programs, but I think i’ll focus on SDRConsole for awhile. SDRuno was my second choice, but until it can take up the entire real estate on my large screen which i use for panadapting, SDRConsole is the better choice in my shack. I also still don’t like the modular touch in SDRuno, I like one single screen, call it a pet peeve, but that’s how all the other big time sdr programs do it… not saying they should follow suit, but there’s a reason for it, it simplifies things. Modular is ok as long as you allow the application to go ‘full screen’ mode too. Maybe asking to fill up my 3440×1440 resolution is a bit too much to ask for… one can dream 🙂

First thoughts though are that the program is very easy to use, I was able to navigate around and test things out fairly quickly. The user interface is neatly arranged, you can even pop out the DSP window, neat! I’ll let the video speak for itself though…


Wishing you the very best in DX



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