Ok, just about a year anyways, last November I purchased this Yaesu FTM-400DR from Ham Radio Outlet, just referenced my receipts, after the $100 rebate, total cost was $430, so I think I was off a bit in the video! Definitely not a cheap dual band radio, but it was my first dual bander, and I knew if I didn’t get the features I wanted initially, I would end up spending more in the long run to get them, so splurged I did!

Besides, there are models out there that are still hundreds more, hey, let me justify my purchases here! lol.  This was actually the second Yaesu radio I’ve ever owned, originally bought a Yaesu FT-60R back in 2013 as my first radio when I passed my Tech, and I remember it being just about the most solid HT out there, so I was pretty confident in my purchase.

I made a 25+/- mile simplex contact on 146.520 while mobile with the FTM-400DR this week with K5EEG out in Red Rock, Texas, and about a 15 mile simplex contact w/ KF5JLJ. Thank you guys! (Simplex…. if you use it… they will come…)

73 & Happy DX Hunting


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