Well, I let the Freeware SDR Software poll run for a month, and here are the results (thank you to all who participated), wondering what the ‘other’ option is that everyone is using…. feel free to chime in if there’s another SDR software out there that I should know about! I love using all of them to be honest… These guys put in so much programming time on building these software packages for hams, the least I could do is support that cause, and I support all of them!


I won’t lie… I do wish there were more options available for Mac, i’ve tried running SDR programs with virtualization, but I don’t think my little Mac Mini is upto such a computing task, i’ve even locked up the computer several times trying. Visually speaking, I think HDSDR & SDR Console are tops. SDRuno is up & coming though. SDR# is a solid program that a lot of folks use too. So take your pic! Each has their area they shine in.

No SDR program that I’ve used thus far has been able to produce audio like the DSP in my Kenwood TS590SG does…. by far! There’s is just something unique even about the preprogrammed DSP equalizer settings in the rig. Not just for listening either, for transmitting too! The DSP equalizer built in has those options that really help your voice punch through when needed in the pile up! I’m sure SDRs with more dynamic range would help in that accord, my experience thus far has stopped at the SDRplay. Hoping that I can save up some for a 16 bit transceiver one day!

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