Its official.

I’ve joined the ranks of the elite… lol, no, Well maybe…  ha! I remember how excited I was to pass my test, and becoming a VE, you kinda get to share in that…. smiles… handshakes… pats on the back… pointers like “Welcome to a new addiction,” are all things i’m looking forward too. 

Afterall, as a radio operator, I feel its my duty to share such a pretty cool hobby w/ others, don’t you? The absolute best thing about all this is the people you meet, and becoming a VE, well, you’ll get the chance to meet hams from all over!

Now to get in touch with the local testing guys to see if they need any help!

Only took the ARRL a few weeks to send back everything, nice that they didn’t charge a thing and sent this!

73 de K5ACL

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