CQ WW SSB Contest

My first CQ WW SSB contest was this weekend, and boy, were the bands ever so open! I heard a station on every band from 10m-160m!  I wasn’t really competing for points, but rather casually operating and trying to give points to other stations! I was using my Vertical & my OCF, usually switching between … More CQ WW SSB Contest

SDRConsole v3 Latest Release w/ SDRPlay RSP

Simon Brown just released a new version of SDRConsole v3 on 10/18/2016. I’ve experimented with v2 occasionally, mainly due to the availability of the SDR remote server that it provides, hoping that functionality comes with v3 soon, the v2 remote console is very dated, and could use a resolution boost! Nevertheless, this is such an … More SDRConsole v3 Latest Release w/ SDRPlay RSP

Becoming an ARRL VE!

Its official. I’ve joined the ranks of the elite… lol, no, Well maybe…  ha! I remember how excited I was to pass my test, and becoming a VE, you kinda get to share in that…. smiles… handshakes… pats on the back… pointers like “Welcome to a new addiction,” are all things i’m looking forward too.  … More Becoming an ARRL VE!