Brandon (KG5CDP) was kind enough to allow me to be net control for our local VHF club here in Austin, TX. I jumped on the chance so I can get some practice in last night, and thought it might be cool to record the net too in the process (even though I messed up a few times, lol)

Our nets are usually around 15-20 people who check in, and the cool thing is that they all bring something unique to the table!

I brought the FTM-400DR in from the truck last night, I also made some fusion contacts after the net which I attempted to record so I could show the audio quality of C4FM, with Jon, N5CFB & Sam, K5JM, we were all able to contact each other on 5 watts simplex, but unfortunately my battery ran out after recording the net :(. Another time maybe…

I think after you’ve done a few nets it gets a bit easier, and its always exciting to hear someone new pop on the repeater! If your in Central Texas and can join in, please do so! Or even through IRLP or EchoLink, just lookup N5OAK.

Hope you enjoy the video…

73 & Happy Friday


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