The new RTL-SDR.com dongle (v3) came out a few weeks ago, and I finally had a chance to get one and play with it a bit this past weekend.

Figured i’d get out of my comfort zone a bit, and explore CubicSDR. An SDR software developed by Charles Radcliffe. The UI is actually very nice looking, obviously missing some crucial things, but as I understand it, the software is currently under development. It was easy enough to get up and running, just use RTL.SDR.com’s quick start guide.

I can see some definite potential with this software, but I was definitely missing noise reduction, a start/stop button,  and a few other odds and ends that I found useful in other software. I’ll let you develop your own opinion :).

It’s no 12 bit or 16 bit SDR, but for $20, & for casual use, it fits the bill. I have yet to use it on VHF. So far i’ve been able to get it up and running with Cubic & SDR#.

Or I could just shut my trapper & let you see for yourself….. 😛


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