Greetings Hams (& green eggs?),

You know how you’re always searching the ham radio forums & you always see folks asking what’s the best logging program?

I think the majority of hams are probably using Windows machines, whether legacy, or not, Windows controls a vast majority of the computing world. Nothing wrong with Windows, but I wasn’t exactly impressed with the logging programs available on that platform. I mean, logging is an extremely important aspect of the hobby, and if your going to invest any number of years in it, then you’d be much better served by using a ‘great’ program, then again, what’s important to me in a logging program, might not necessarily suite your tastes. I just wanted to share my views on MacLoggerDX which I’ve had the chance to use for several weeks now. I’m just blown away at the user interface. It’s just beautiful to look at. Period.

For the last 8 months I’ve been swearing that i’ll never contest. ‘It just isn’t my style.’ I kept saying…

This software changed that. Completely.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, then what’s a video worth? Enjoy the video 🙂



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