Back in November of 2015, when I finally got off my lazy butt to take my General, I purchased MacLoggerDX because I had heard so many good things about it, yet there aren’t many YouTube videos, or user experiences on this software out there. Yet… I really feel there should be. I made more SSB contacts tonight using this software that was synced up with my radio, than I have in the last several months! It just makes everything flow together!

Last night in the CQ North American contest that was going on (which I had no clue about, I just turned on my radio to tinker!), I decided to give my absolute FIRST real contest a go, using this software, which i’ve only had a couple days to try to figure out how to use. I previously gave up on it because my iMac went kaput, but my wife recently handed over her iMac mini that she was no longer using, so I figured, why not put this $99 software to good use. I was a bit skeptical at first, because this would mean switching platforms completely, that in itself, was enough to keep me from going out & buying a new iMac in the first place. All of these ham radio software packages that exist today, have some degree of a learning curve. When I initially opened up MacLoggerDX, I had been a ham for about a few weeks on the HF bands, a NOOB as some would call it, (or Lid?) lol, so it was definitely overwhelming. Nearly a year later, decided to give it a go, and boy oh boy, am I glad I did. I never thought I would like contesting…. EVER. Never ever ever. Now, i’m hooked. This software allowed me to not only contest, but contest very well. I only imagine with practice, and learning ALL of the features the software has to offer, i’ll be a World Champion DX’er in no time, lol j/k.

I’ve also taken on learning WSJT-X & JT Bridge for the Mac Platform, which is similar to the Windows WSJT-X & JT-Alert (except the mac one works better IMHO). Taking the time to learn all of these applications/software will really help automate things in the future. Which will ultimately help me make more QSOs!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.24.10 AM.png


I will probably still use my Windows machine for SDRuno, HDSDR, SDRConsole, as I haven’t found an equivalent on the iMac yet, although i’m still discovering new software, so hopefully i’ll come across something. I don’t think i’ll be able to have a pan adapter software going while MacLoggerDX is connected though… Need to experiment some more!

Had fun in the contest, even more so because it was unexpected. Generally hasn’t been my style of operating, but I now see where folks get the bug….



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