Well after plenty of procrastination and a few years of operating, I finally buckled down and decided to take the Extra Class exam this weekend. I’ve been a recluse for the last week or so while i’ve been cramming. Trying to explain to your family what kind of test your taking for amateur radio is kind of funny, but they get it after I explain it 🙂 The extra test now has 700 questions in the pool. It’s impossible to memorize the answers, so don’t go that route. I just came up with a method of madness to my studying, and I studied right up until it came time for the test. The cool thing was lots of the questions that were on there I had just reviewed, so the knowledge was still fresh in my mind. I have no clue what my score was, only that I had passed, but i’m pretty sure I missed 6 or 7. Doesn’t matter what your score is though, passing is passing! So now I get to append /AE to my call!


There was nothing scientific about my studying method really, I just read over the question/answer pool as many times as my brain would allow, lol. I prefer to print the question pool out on paper, highlight the correct answer, call me old fashioned, but constantly scrolling up and down on a computer screen studying can be quite taxing on the brain/eyes. I then proceeded to take several practice tests over on http://www.hamstudy.org, and once my score was up in the high eighties, I was comfortable enough to take it. I felt like the tests on ham study.org were harder than the actual test, but that’s probably a good thing since it prepares you and highlights your areas of weakness. The VE’s asked me to become a VE immediately following the test! Is there a shortage of VE’s or something? Regardless, i’ll sign up to help out!

Spotted some really cool mobile antenna setups in the parking lot while I was walking in. This took place @ Austin’s hamfest this weekend (Summerfest):

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