MacLoggerDX – Logging made fun & easy!

Greetings Hams (& green eggs?), You know how you’re always searching the ham radio forums & you always see folks asking what’s the best logging program? I think the majority of hams are probably using Windows machines, whether legacy, or not, Windows controls a vast majority of the computing world. Nothing wrong with Windows, but … More MacLoggerDX – Logging made fun & easy!

APRS & the right antenna for the job

I’ve been running several variations of an APRS I-Gate for the past 6 months. I’ve focused my efforts on learning two different software platforms available: APRSISCE32 & Direwolf. The latter being suited for a Linux operating system (specifically NOOBS on a Raspberry Pi 3). I’ve used a combination of different radios/scanners/antennas/computers, trying to figure out what worked … More APRS & the right antenna for the job

K5ACL Intro Video

Hello world. My first YouTube video. YouTube has helped me so much in my first year of operating, I thought it would only be fair, if I were to contribute to the vast wealth of knowledge available out there in YouTube land to ham radio operators! Well, as much as I can anyways… We all … More K5ACL Intro Video