Greetings hams,

Its been a busy weekend, but luckily I had enough time to put up the Hustler 5BTV this weekend, and wanted to put up a quick comparison I made of my WSPR results between my end fed & this new vertical that was just put up. More pics and details to come on what I did to the 5BTV to get it up and running, I still want to lay another 20 or 30 radials down, right now i’ve only got 20, and i’m restricted to short confines, so getting long enough radial wires will prove difficult.


I’m happy so far with the results, and I haven’t even tuned it yet with an analyzer, just went off the recommendations from DX engineering, but check out the difference here:

I would imagine this is because my end fed is in more of a horizontal configuration, and thereby suited for more close range contacts, but even with my hustler, I was still able to pull in more close contacts than the end fed, again, this isn’t a scientific comparison by any means, who knows, maybe the conditions were just really favorable for the Hustler. Again, these are two completely different antennas that operate in different ways, this is just my results comparing the two, might be helpful for another ham who is trying to decide what antenna to put up in such a small amount of space. Now to find a way to calibrate the antenna without an analyzer or to find someone who has one 🙂
I am really enjoying this WSPR software though, I see it as a challenge to try and get your signal out there as far as possible, and to hear as many stations as possible. I’ve found that the website can be a bit spotty when you are trying to check your results on the map, but I can imagine that server is handling a fairly large amount of data when uploading users spot reports and then compiling all that information onto the web server. I encourage more hams to use the software, as the more users on the network, the more data hams have at their disposal.
Remembering MLK today.

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