Finally! I don’t know how I did it, but it appears as if i’m at least receiving stations in WSPR, now to figure out the CAT commands for this radio, as my radio does not appear in the WSPR software.

I would almost find this information more useful for propagation than those other websites that provide band conditions, if enough folks ran this software, it could provide some good real time data:

I had to play around with the USB audio settings on my radio to get the RX noise level to an acceptable level (closer to 0 dbm is best, has to be within 10 dbm of 0 though).

Now to fine tune it..

And figure out how to transmit…


Update (a few hours later): So I had a chance to let the station just sit and run for a bit while I mowed the lawn, to my surprise, I had a few stations picked up & a few stations could hear me. I tested out 40 & 20m today, here’s a real time map of WSPR stations that could hear me or be heard:

Puerto Rico is the furthest so far, but this test was all done during the day (10am-5pm), interested to see how propagation opens up once the sun goes down!

I was finally able to find the correct settings for the TS-590sg, I need to write them up so if anyone else wants to try this out they have the correct settings, more to come on this write up.

Here’s a quick shot of the settings in WSPR:

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