I’m really excited to get back on the air and try out this antenna I’ve been waiting a bit for from the Netherlands. Took a bit to get here, but that’s because it was caught up in customs, no fault of HyEndFed. This antenna will be permanently affixed (I hope), and i’ll just reel in the wire at night or drape up against the fence or something to put it back into “stealth mode.” I usually only operate at night, so works perfect.

I found this video over on YouTube about the HyEndFed antenna, and this application seemed exactly like the one I’m doing in my yard, because my yard slopes just like his and it’s almost the exact same size, and with trees in the rear! Check it out:


Thank you Ron, from HyEndFed. More to come when I’m able to test it out. I was just so excited to use it, I had to make a post about it! I’ve heard nothing but good things about his products, and I love supporting small business 🙂 (Thanks for the souvenir surprise in the box too!) & Thank you VE3TWM for a great video.

Check out his website if interested: HyEnd Company

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