Ok, sometimes I just feel like bragging, but being able to break into a huge European pile up with QRP just tickles me to death.

I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes when working pile-ups, they seem to happen a lot nowadays due to the rarity of some stations, but if I can hear’em then I work’em!

I quickly try to hand the frequency back over though, because lets face it, propagation may only favor me for a brief moment, and I want every other ham to have just an equal chance at making a contact.

Check out this crazy pile up recorded by WE5I:

Folks, when things get this crazy on a channel, just pull back, open a beer, and relax. Sometimes it’s quite amusing to listen to some other hams out there. Some people really take this stuff seriously! But on a side note, can’t we all just be friends? 🙂

I’m still not a believer when it comes to the saying “Do more with less power,” but I’m certainly getting there.

Sometimes I don’t want to concentrate on my technique, which is what QRP requires. Sometimes I just want to flip that old radio on and just chat a bit with someone, in that case I use the trusty 100w radio.

An amp is definitely in my future, but distant future. Those things aren’t cheap!

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