What, what!?? Just found out that there’s an ionosonde in Austin, TX!!!! Had no clue! I’ve been using the data from the Boulder station since beginning in Ham Radio.

I had to look it up too: Ionosonde

Still figuring out how to interpret all of this data, so far I only understand the MUF!

Here’s a link: Austin Ionosonde (real time)

Now my next project will be to create a widget that has this data in it, instead of the Boulder data.

I’ve been reading up on propagation lately, and it seems we’re about 2 years past the peak of the solar cycle. Very interesting stuff indeed.



    1. Oh no! I saw that the graph was missing some data, it’s possible they might be performing maintenance on it! I met a gentleman that works on the system, W5IFQ, he said it comes offline for maintenance and checks occasionally.


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