So, this is what I’ve been missing…

Been licensed as a general class for about a month with virtually no luck on HF (except for a few fat chances).
Couple friends suggested an end fed.
They’re great for HOA’s they said. I was skeptical to say the least, but I’m officially a believer now because I just made more contacts in the last hour than I have in a whole month. (Ok it was only 5 QSO’s, but it was like being a kid in a candy store!). My first DX was with a station in Sweden today! I was able to break into a huge pileup, using 100w, and my new Chameleon EMCOMM II end fed antenna. I was able to tune every single band from 6m to 160m using this antenna, amazing! (Tuner required of course). Not to mention there was a coronal mass ejection recently, and everyone has been experiencing radio blackouts recently (go figure… During xmas break!)
Here’s the 5:1 transformer with ground wire attached and 50′ of RG-213U. This thing is built solid, with quality components:

Above is the wire suspended from the top of a 31′ Jackite pole strapped to a 4×4 post. The wire was 60 feet long so I had trouble keeping it all off the ground without causing the pole to bend too much. I also used a 60′ ground wire in the opposite direction (14AWG stranded). The results were better with a ground!
I got it on audio too! Just trying to figure out how to upload audio to blogger from an iPhone! Suggestions welcome 🙂

Update 12/23/2015: Soundcloud won’t allow mobile uploads, so had to goto the desktop site, but here it is!:

First DX (Sound Cloud Audio Link)

I’m going to hop on again tonight on 20/40m, hope to see you there! 

73’s & Happy Holidays!

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