Decided to take my first stab at a mobile install last night. Took my Yaesu FTM-400DR and a Diamond NMO Mag Mounted Dual Band Antenna to the Toyota Tacoma. Install was relatively painless because I used a mag mount, and routing the power wires through the firewall was a snap due to the hole I had previously created to hook up my sub & amp in the truck. Decided to mount the base unit behind the center console, and just route the antenna wire through the rear window.

I consider this setup semi-permanent, while I could leave it like this, I don’t like the fact that my rear window is unlocked, it closes just enough though to prevent any wind from coming in. The hand mic comfortably sits in the rear cup holders, although I may decide to drill the mic holder on too. I’m always weary of drilling holes into my automobile! Here’s a few after pics of the install:

(This is an Arkon floor mount, but holds the FTM-400DR head just fine, the shaking can be reduced if you support the rod by clamping it to the center console with a clip – had a few folks ask me about it so here’s the link: Arkon Floor Mount )



(I’ve since flipped the unit over to take the stress off the antenna wire and power cable)

(Diamond Mag Mount DMN-SPMNMO)

In the future I may go with the NMO mount that has to be drilled, but for now this works just fine! It’s weird, but the noise level seems to have actually dropped moving my unit from the house & a j pole antenna in the attic, to mobile and a mag mount antenna, not sure why?  I had to decrease the squelch a tad as a result.

I was only able to pickup one guy on the nat. simplex freq. (146.520), but that was because he was driving directly behind me and saw my antenna! When I asked what his location was, he said look in the rear view mirror!  I guess the antenna up top is like a universal symbol for “Yup, I’m a ham, give me a call & lets chat!” Wondering what most folks do when they’re traveling, do they just leave it on 146.520? Look for local repeaters constantly? How about you?

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  1. I have the dual freq monitoring on my FT-8800r. I monitor 2M and repeaters. You can Plan your trips with and google earth. Let me know if you’re interested in add. info.

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