I’m filing this in my “To-do experiment bank.”

Hoisting an end fed wire antenna up in the air using a kite!

Check out this video!

I live close to the Texas coast which always has a constant supply of wind coming in from the Gulf of Mexico. Although I don’t own a kite, they can usually be found online or at a kite shop close to the coast. This seems like it might be more of a pain than using a telescoping pole. There aren’t really many options on the beach! Another problem with attempting this method is there’s usually crowds of people at the coast, but maybe if I try during an off season or early in the morning when the beach is empty!
The pros of using this method are being able to get the wire antenna up really high in the air! Some kites have line that extends out 300-400 feet! Of course my end fed won’t be that long, but this would allow me to try the end fed in a vertical orientation with radials! I bet the saltwater would prove to give good efficiency on this type of antenna at the beach!
I recently read an article “The Very First DX – December 12, 1901” over on dxzone.com & discovered that the very first DX by an experimenting amateur (Guglielmo Marconi) used balloons & kites to lift his antenna as high as possible!. Now I’ve really got to try this method!
Safety disclaimer: (I think I need to start posting these!) Ensure that you have plenty of clearance around you & that there isn’t even a remote possibility of a lightning storm! Stay away from power lines, and you might want to experiment using a dummy antenna wire before hooking one up that’s attached to a fancy balun (or ugly for that matter!).


Update 01/04/16: Failed miserably at attempting a kite antenna. I used a Clarke Kite Star to attempt to lift my wire antenna up in the air, and there’s two things that I learned:

1. Wind doesn’t fly in a straight line – this led for a rather frustrating experience when trying to keep the kite stable and make a transmission

2. Get your kite up as high as you can before attaching the wire, the higher up your kite is, the more stable it will be.

Still, I don’t see myself using this method of hoisting a wire antenna again, it was more trouble than it was worth!

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