I haven’t had much time to operate lately. Don’t we all wish we had more time to operate!? Oh, believe me, when I retire, I’m moving to the country side, and putting up huge Yagis and multiple towers! Can’t keep me off the airwaves then! But alas, as I still sit here and wait for my end fed antenna to come in the mail, I called out to W7P, a special event station in Arizona last night at about 11 pm local CST. The 40m band was outstanding last night! Solar data indicated that the 40m was at its peak, which is probably why I was able to make a contact!

 Received a 4,4 report. Not bad for being behind an aluminum framed window surrounded by electronics!  I didn’t record my QSO, but the few minutes Norman decided to stay on the net, check out the short vid, enjoy!

I think I really do need to get an external speaker, my headphones are great for listening, but i’ll want to record videos like this in the future. I have some studio monitors, but haven’t figured out how to integrate them into the system. For now the headphones work great though, they’re crystal clear and allow me to search for signals. Hydrogen times pi! *wink*

I still haven’t been able to make a contact on the loop with the Elecraft, I’m not sure if my settings are off or what, still learning the KX3 though, I’ve learned to appreciate the Kenwood & its ease of use! I really like this rig now that I’ve used a KX3!

I find myself checking the solar conditions more throughout the day, because if there’s any signal noise above S1-2, then there’s no way I’m getting any signal at my house until I rectify the antenna situation.

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