I dread going back to work on Mondays. Why is it that my oh so precious time on the weekend always seems to fly by. I guess when your having fun time flies right? Or so they say…

I’m breaking that cycle today! As I sit here waiting for my usual chorizo con huevo taco in the cafeteria, I’m pondering just where I want to do my first portable operation! I finally got everything in order that I needed to go portable. I was just waiting on some Anderson Powerpoles to get all the power connections standardized. I chose to solder them on, I wish I would have bought the crimping tool now, because the connectors you solder to the ends of the wires are very small!

Here’s my go kit:

(Thanks to N0HYD’s YouTube video on the Pelican case)

All in all, approximately 20 pounds for all the gear I need to make a contact hopefully, but, lets face it, i’ll only make a contact if conditions are good, and the past couple of days, they haven’t been. As of right now the 20m & 30m bands are “good”, which is great because the loop is optimized for those bands (to an extent). Hopefully I can pop on over to a local park during lunch or after work and give it a go! I won’t be disappointed if I can’t though, as I’m still learning the KX3. I read the owner’s manual last night… surprisingly… I usually don’t read manuals. I liked the KX3 manual & the simplicity that it was written in. My Kenwood owner’s manual was horribly written, and doesn’t even take into account the more modern connections that these transceivers can make to computers and the like. Great job Elecraft!


I hate Mondays……

Where’s my coffee?!

Update: Zero QSO’s for the day. Reason: Forgot BNC adapter at home for KX3. What a moron…


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