Thought I’d share a quick story about my good ole buddy the blue force tracker…

See that nifty (yet extremely dirty) computer installed in my truck below?

(Note the Mt. Dew & Dr. P – these were worth their weight in gold where I was stationed, we rarely got supplies)

Here’s some other close up pics of this system:



That’s what got me into ham radio you could say. At least gave me the itch. That’s Martin (my driver) looking over in the distance admiring my expanded knowledge of this really cool piece of equipment. See I had to take this special class when I was in the military called Electronic Warfighters Course. We learned how to burn cell phones from the air, how to jam IED radio signals, and of course how to master communication with military communication equipment. Included was this blue force tracker (BFT). Most of my buddies in the Army used to either detach this monitor or just swing it out of the way. This system allows real time monitoring of the battlefield, and a bunch of other really cool things, but it was so complicated to use, most sergeants would not use it. Being the tech guy I was, I took it to the next level. The Army invested a lot of money in this technology and I wasn’t about to let it go to waste. I was fascinated at how this thing operated over the HF/VHF/UHF bands! Highly encrypted of course, this technology has also since been replaced with even more sophisticated equipment. I found this picture in my archives.
I reminisce about my military years. Such cool equipment I got to play with!
Who needs wifi when you have ham radio? lol
Heck even the loop antenna I’m using uses the army loop concept shown here on another hummer:


My truck used verticals, usually with spotty performance too, the antennas were crap that the army used, we usually had to rig some radials or some other bizarre design!
God bless the troops this holiday season. We’ve got you in our prayers.

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