So I decided to jump on the Elecraft KX3 bandwagon. I love travelling and being outside, this radio will allow me to enjoy both activities at once. Best part is, I get to pick the best spot to put up my antenna! I foresee many trips up hills and possibly mountains with this thing! I was going to video the assembly of the kit, but I kept getting distracted assembling the kit (hey, life happens!). So it took me about 6 hours to assemble the kit.

I’d never assembled a radio before, although I had a few computer builds under my belt, this device was much smaller than a desktop PC! I had to use tweezers to insert most screws and washers, but eventually got the task accomplished, it wasn’t easy, I’m not sure if I should have just paid the $100 to have it assembled? I don’t think assembling the radio made me understand the circuitry any better, but I did see how everything was pieced together. The manual was very clear and concise, I think anyone could assemble this kit with a bit of know how.

Really excited to try this radio out with the Chameleon F Loop. Plans are to hike up Mount Bonnell and Shingle Hills and try it out! Those are the two highest points near me at about 900 ft. & 1,400 ft elevation. I’m just curious as to if that will have any bearing on making a better contact!

     (Mount Bonnell @ Sunset – overlooking the Colorado River)

TGIF!! It’s radio time!

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  1. You did learn a lot, plus you have the satisfaction that YOU built it. If you ever have to do mods (add features) you will feel more comfortable. Elecraft kits are designed to get the ham on the air without having to struggle with soldering surface mount components. I recommend you also tinker with some of the easier soldering kits, which are a blast: Pacific Antennas has a bunch.


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