Last night was spent putting up about 20 strings of Christmas lights on and around the house. My wife absolutely loves Christmas, as do I. Such a wonderful time of year when you finally get to see family and friends that you haven’t seen in awhile.

I figured while I was up on the roof that I was going to remove the RG6 quad shield coax that I had feeding my discone (which I also removed). The discone just hasn’t performed as well as I thought it would. It has nominal gain, and it’s an eye sore to say the least. Also the quad shield coax was 75 ohms, an oops on my part. While it worked perfect for receiving, if I were to hook it up to my 2m base station i’d lose half the power instantly because of the 75 ohm rating.

Hopefully the new j pole from Arrow that i’ll be installing in the attic will be a bit better. I ran a 25′ run of LMR 400 up into the attic from the QTH to connect the j pole. I’ll have to mount it at some kind of an angle, just not sure what angle, if any is best, i’ll have to pop on over to eHam to ask that question!

I decided that I don’t want any coax or ladder line to be visible from the outside of the house. Period! I want to keep it clean and tidy, so I’ve decided to run all my cables up into the attic. There isn’t much space up there though because it’s a 2 story house, so I’m limited on what I can put in the attic. My other wish was to install an MFJ loop in the attic as well! But that’s another project down the line. So I drilled a hole in the ceiling of the closet to run the LMR400 to:

Since I didn’t have much space to work with I grabbed a long pole saw and removed the saw portion, the other side had a hook which I used to extend all the way over to where the coax was coming in and grab the cable! It’s hard moving around in an attic that has 20 inches of blown in insulation, & is probably only big enough for a 2 foot human!

Advice for next time I hop in the attic: wear a dust mask! Luckily I had safety goggles on at least. Don’t forget long sleeve clothing to protect from the insulation & rubber gloves, especially if your working with fiberglass insulation! That stuff sticks in your skin & hurts!

I will get this antenna situation sorted out! If its the last thing I do!



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